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  • Sharing our Success

    Wednesday March 15, 2023
    Sharing our Success After a conversation with Tim Fuller about D&S’s promotional products and service, he recommended us to Sarah Anderson, Head of Event Production at RocketSpace in London. Sarah was looking for customized wristbands to celebrate their first birthday/ anniversary since opening their co-working and event space in London. ‘We wanted to celebrate everyone’s success over the past 12 […] Read More >
  • Why Swag Is Still The Marketing King For Travel Companies?

    Wednesday March 15, 2023
    Why Swag Is Still The Marketing King For Travel Companies? Travel is taking off again in the UK after 3 years of Covid travel restrictions. Would-be travelers are tired of living life ‘virtually’ and are longing for real-life experiences they can touch and taste. That’s partly why the pent-up demand for leisure travel is exploding […] Read More >
  • Struggling to find the perfect promotional gift?

    Wednesday March 15, 2023
    In our current overstimulated culture, it can be challenging to find the right promotional gift. Not because we don’t have options, but exactly the opposite. We are so bombarded with different choices and the enticing images that go along with these products, that it becomes quite a feat to determine which company to work with […] Read More >
  • How Savvy Marketers Make Creative Swag?

    Tuesday March 14, 2023
    How Savvy Marketers Make Creative Swag? Swag offers a great opportunity for marketers to get truly creative. We discussed in an earlier article the differences between off the shelf swag and fully customizable swag. One of the obvious signs of creativity is that fully customized swag campaigns are almost always different while off the shelf […] Read More >
  • How To Make Swag Eco Friendly?

    Tuesday March 14, 2023
    How To Make Swag Eco-Friendly? Now that tourism is taking off again, travel marketers have new marketing realities to consider in 2023. One of the big changes we have seen in recent times is how travelers have become more eco-conscious. Issues like reducing carbon footprints, a term rarely spoken of in previous years, now considered […] Read More >
  • How To Make First Impressions Count?

    Monday March 13, 2023
    Why invest in high quality travel swag? While your website and marketing might be the thing that tempts clients to pick up the phone, and your travel consultants seal the deal, it’s the quality of your service and the experience post-sale that determine if they return time and again. And part of that experience lies […] Read More >
  • Travel Marketing Swag

    Thursday February 9, 2023
    Most of the top travel companies in the UK use swag as an important part of their marketing mix. Per the Adweek study and other studies we quoted in our previous article, the marketing ROI for swag is phenomenal. Given the great marketing results achieved through swag, you might think all marketers know the different […] Read More >

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