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Struggling to find the perfect promotional gift

In our current overstimulated culture, it can be challenging to find the right promotional gift. Not because we don’t have options, but exactly the opposite. We are so bombarded with different choices and the enticing images that go along with these products, that it becomes quite a feat to determine which company to work with and which product to choose. When it comes to promoting your brand, you want a promotional gift that’s unique – you want to stand out from your competition.

What are you looking for in a promotional gift?

When it comes to selecting a gift there are several factors that play a role in your final decision. The gift you choose has to be of excellent quality (no surprise there) – without breaking the bank! You need to be sure you get excellent value for money and more importantly – that your gift is relevant to your client. You want it to be memorable! Coming up with a unique idea for your promotion doesn’t have to mean going overboard. It could be as simple as tweaking a simple idea and varying an original, proven concept just enough to make your brand stand out from your competition. Ideas might already be running through your mind at this very moment!

Why is finding the right gift for you, so important?

Why not do what everyone else does? Pick a gift that is well-known and practical for your industry and have your logo branded on it. Easy right? Not that easy, not if you want results. Finding the right gift and promotional item will make a world of difference when it comes to raising brand awareness which in turn leads to growth in your business (you know this, right?). You want to ensure a fantastic customer experience and you want to thank your customer for choosing you.

How do you find that perfect gift?

As with any project or campaign you need to determine a few things before starting your shopping spree. Firstly determine what your goals are with this promotion or campaign. Determine a budget that you would like to allocate towards this project. Always make sure you stay three steps ahead – talk your ideas through with a promotional gifts consultant – D&S! We will be able to assist you with the options that will have the most impact in your industry, by determining who your ideal client is, what you want to be remembered for and how to accomplish that goal.

Bringing it together

It is possible to find that perfect gift, and you don’t have to know everything there is to know about promotional gifts. If you know where to get sound to advice that you can trust, you’ve already accomplished half the battle.

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