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Most of the top travel companies in the UK use swag as an important part of their marketing mix. Per the Adweek study and other studies we quoted in our previous article, the marketing ROI for swag is phenomenal.

Given the great marketing results achieved through swag, you might think all marketers know the different types of swag and when to use each one.

We have found that at least 50% of marketers aren’t fully aware that two drastically different types of swag exist, namely Fully Custom Swag and Off the Shelf Swag.

What confuses people is that you can put your company name on ‘off the shelf’ swag and choose from a few options within a given product, so it’s called ‘customizable.’ However, it is NOT fully customizable according to your custom design, your preferred materials, and your chosen colours.

Off the shelf swag is best for lower end travelers because it is fast, easy and usually cheaper.

Creative custom swag is best for luxury travelers because it creates a memorable, high end luxury experience. This makes it easy for marketers to fully meet their marketing vision and reflect their luxury travel brand.

Travelers feel valued when they get any swag, but they are not going to feel special from off the shelf swag because it was not made especially for them. In addition, several off the shelf providers offer swag that looks and feels cheap.

Truly custom, creative swag is almost never used for more than one marketing campaign because every travel package has different needs and demographics. Off the shelf swag is usually reused for many different marketing campaigns.

To order off the shelf swag, you can go to a website or a swag provider and choose from a set of swag that is in inventory. The provider will put your company name or other print on the swag. This process can be done in a few days or more.

Creative swag starts with the goal of the marketing campaign. Who are we trying to reach? What is most useful for our travelers and for their specific travel package? What experience are we trying to create? Etc. The marketers then describe their ideal swag concept to their creative travel swag company who will help them realize their vision.

The custom swag company provides the marketing team with real life samples to help the team actualize the initial description of their vision.

The marketing team receives custom made, branded samples based on their initial input. The team then meets to evaluate the actual experience of the swag. They touch the different materials, see their design in real life and come back with any revisions.

A final set of samples realizing their vision is then sent out and approved.

The sampling process typically involves one or two rounds of revisions before the pre production sample is signed off. This is equivalent to three to four weeks. The production and shipping process usually takes around 3 months (door to door) because truly custom swag is being made.

Knowing these timeframes is crucial for luxury travel marketers to have a successful luxury traveler campaign.

D&S Travel Swag have helped luxury brands like Trailfinders, Classic, Kuoni, Premier, Wendy Wu, Jules Verne and others realize their marketing visions for decades.

Here is a recent example of D&S helping a customer target its own demographic audience.

A luxury tour client had just made fully custom travel wallets and tags for their luxury travelers.

The campaign was a huge success, our luxury swag is ‘part of the holiday experience.’

Now they wanted to do something for lower end customers. The client was able to keep their high end design whilst make modifications that brought the price down to match the customers target price. D&S were able to deliver both types of swag in this specific client case study.

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