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Why Swag Is Still The Marketing King For Travel Companies

Why Swag Is Still The Marketing King For Travel Companies?

Travel is taking off again in the UK after 3 years of Covid travel restrictions.

Would-be travelers are tired of living life ‘virtually’ and are longing for real-life experiences they can touch and taste. That’s partly why the pent-up demand for leisure travel is exploding now.

Understanding this mindset is important for savvy marketing managers in the travel industry.

Several studies show that tangible promotional merchandise, swag, is the most cost-effective way for marketers to achieve a high ROI.

For example, a P2P marketing study shows that:

These numbers get marketers excited. Matched with the travel customer motivation for real tangible experiences, this becomes even more powerful.

That said, the demand for eco-friendly products has increased dramatically over the past 3 years. A top-notch swag company, such as D&S Travel Swag, will know how to source authentic, customized eco-friendly products and even have them delivered without plastic packaging. Getting high-quality items matched specifically to your customers and your campaigns means your swag will be used by your customers for a long time making it more eco-friendly.

The way companies market themselves online has also changed over the last 3 years. Online advertising has increased in price and marketers are always looking for a better way to increase the return on their online spending.

Again, the P2P marketing study found that there is a 44% increase in effectiveness when a swag product is added to a social media advert.

I believe that while the ‘virtual’ aspect of our lives has grown and is here to stay, customers remain thirsty for something tangible. Savvy travel marketers can utilize tangible swag for better marketing results both for standalone campaigns and to boost online marketing campaigns.

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